About license price

This is a license price list.
Check the price in the currency you selected in the payment screen.
A discount is available if you purchase two or more licenses. Make use of this opportunity.

  • *The discount for purchase of two or more licenses is applied depending on the quantity at the time of payment.
  • Please note that it is not applied to the cumulative quantity of purchased licenses.
  • ex)
    When you purchase 2 licenses on April 1: $2,160 US dollars
  • When you purchase 2 licenses on April 1 and 1 license(s) on June 1: $2,400 US dollars
  • *Payment is only in US dollar with a credit card.
Indicates the price per license.
Quantity US dollar / Year
1 $2,400 (tax not included)
2 $2,160 (tax not included)
3 $2,040 (tax not included)
4 $1,920 (tax not included)
5 $1,800 (tax not included)
6 $1,680 (tax not included)
7 $1,560 (tax not included)
8 $1,440 (tax not included)
9 $1,320 (tax not included)
10-9999 $1,200 (tax not included)